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The President

Sullivan County Community College Flag Pole Dedication

In honor of our hard-working staff, whose commitment we greatly appreciate, Constable Custodial Services donated the new flagpole near the Lazarus Levine Residence Hall.

Our nation's flag is a sign of hope, strength, and unity.  At CCS, we strive to represent these values and honor the men and women who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their time and even their lives for our way of life.  By donating the flag pole to Sullivan County Community College, we hope to honor our employees, but also all members of our families who have served our country, whether in the military, local fire and police departments, ambulance core, or elsewhere.  


Our Fight Against Ebola

We use Stearns products because they are some of the best in the industry.  I would like to share with you a letter I received recently regarding the potency of the products we use with regards to fighting Ebola, CPV, and other viruses spread by bodily fluids.